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Interior Trade Furniture has been providing high-quality, stylishly designed home furniture to families for over 25 years.  Establishing its first store in Newbridge, Co. Kildare, the business has grown to become Ireland’s leading independent family-owned furniture retailer.

Keeping its core principles close, the company has championed trend-driven design and has kept adherence to wonderfully fluid fashions.  They currently are a proud stockist of Irish-made products with home-grown art, mattresses, cushions, and more.


Interior Trade Furniture had a very basic old website and approached Digitizal to design and build an eCommerce website. Digitizal consulted with them on how we could build a fully functional eCommerce website with an integrated payment gateway.  The goal was to give the site a brand new look and feel and allow it to compete with current market requirements.  We also looked at how we could improve the traffic to the site and also assisted them with their conversion Funnel in the built.


Digitizal created a UI/UX design that brought out the core principles that Interior Trade Furniture  Home Furnishings upheld.  The eCommerce website design showcase all the products and amenities that the company provides.

Digitizal provided orders on each product collection showcase and designed the payment process user journey to be simple and easy to follow.

In order to further improve traffic to the website, Digitizal assisted with creating a digital strategy that would allow for a successful conversion funnel integrated into the site build.

Client Name:

Interior Trade Furniture

Project Category:

Ecommerce Website

Project Date:

May 20, 2021
ecommerce website
Ecommerce Interior Trade Furniture
ecommerce website

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